Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just a Bit of Good News :)

I can just see all my readers, the few of you who actually give a crap about my life and all the rambling that goes down on this blog, sitting on the edge of their seats, chewing their nails down to stubs and ripping out their hair at the suspense of this traineeship. Yep, I know you all so well :) And being the kind-hearted person that I am, I will just put you all out of your misery right now and spit it out already. But, first, a little more rambling. I can't even tell you how much I've stressed out over getting this trainee position. It's been on my mind for the past 3 weeks almost constantly. I think I can positively tell you that I've worked harder for this than I've ever worked. When you only have this one shot, you have no choice but to put it all out there and just pray that you're good enough. This summer intensive has literally been do or die. If I don't get accepted here, I've pretty much got nothing... well I guess I could always go back to Washington Ballet or just go to BYU and join their ballet school, but I wanted this so bad. Not only do I love the company and everything they are doing right now, I love knowing that I am just a 9 hour drive away from home and a 5 hour drive to Idaho, which is basically my second home. I've been lucky these past two years to live on the East Coast and train with some of the best schools, but there really is no place like home. And Utah is the next best thing.

Alright alright fine, I'll just tell you. Wait for it..... Get ready for it.... Buckle up.... I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!! I know I know, you are all staring into your computer screens with your jaws literally dragging on the floor out of sheer surprise :). I'm pretty surprised myself! I'm so lucky to have been given this opportunity and I am so excited to be able to work with Ballet West next year!! I just love the environment here and I can't wait to start working with all the teachers next year and work with an incredible professional company. My head can't stop racing and my smile is so big right now, it's starting to hurt. It's been a pretty amazing day :) Crazy how realizing that you are wanted in a company can lift your spirits! It feels like that hundred pound weight of stress and pressure to be perfect in all my classes has been forklifted off my shoulders and I can breathe again. And let me tell you, it feels good :). I guess the past 13 years of my life haven't been a complete waste of time. All that training is hopefully going to start paying off!

What kind of devoted blogger would I be if I didn't explain every single little detail of how I was blessed with this incredible opportunity?! Ok, I mean, of course, I'll start at the beginning. 6:30- woke up, 6:40- pushed snooze a few times... haha I'm just kidding :) I'm not that torturous! But, seriously, it was really hard to wake up this morning, despite my excitement to get to class and kick a lot of butt. 9 am finally came and Adam and his enormous presence waltzed into the room. Everyone immediately straightened up, especially since the school director and one of the head faculty were sitting at the front of the room, eying our every move and whispering back and forth. I hate that. I would say an intimidating person is a whole lot more intimidating when they are holding a clipboard and a pen and talking in such a way that just looks like they are saying something mean about you. Class went really well!! I felt like I did all the combinations as best I could, which means barre was awesome, and center was good all except for the turning combinations. I don't know what it is, but I cannot turn to save my life... I guess I will be screwed if I am ever threatened to do a triple pirouette or get stabbed in an ally somewhere :). haha but seriously, I was trying my hardest to do everything that Mr. Sklute wanted, and I even got a few corrections from him!! Most awesome thing ever!! After class was over, the school director gathered us all together and told us he wanted to talk to a few of us about the trainee program and called the names he wanted to talk to. I'm pretty sure my heart lept out of my leotard the moment I heard my name! But then, I started thinking that they might reject a few of us and that's why they wanted to talk to me..During our variations class, I could not focus on anything except for the door and the person walking through it, telling us to go to our meeting. My eyes kept darting to it every time I heard it creak open. Finally, my time came. I walked into the hallway, hands shaking and heart racing. Then, I had to go in this little room where I found Adam, Peter Christie (the school director) and the other faculty member sitting around this one empty chair.. hot seat has just gained new meaning. They sat me down and explained how they felt that I would be a good fit for this program and that they wanted me to come next year. Adam told me that he would give me partial scholarship and that, when the time came, he would help me get into a company, be it Ballet West or another company he felt I would be a good match for. I couldn't stop smiling, which probably looked a little weird to everyone back in class, but whatever :)

I'm just so happy right now!! And I am looking forward to enjoying a lovely 4th of July, with no ballet classes (YAYY), just hanging out with my girls and not having to think about whether or not they are going to tell us if we got the trainee spot or not. Wow, it's amazing how much room is left in my head now that all those thoughts are gone :) So excited to sleep in and pretend to watch a baseball game tomorrow night! I mean, honestly, who actually watches those things anyway. I can only handle about 3 innings and then all I want to do is eat popcorn and cotton candy, both of which I will be ingesting tomorrow. But, right now, I will be enjoying a full nights sleep, absent of stressful thoughts. So, goodnight, dear readers. Have a lovely 4th of July!!

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