Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Tough Week

I can't believe that it's already been three weeks here at Ballet West. I only have one more week and then it's back to Colorado for about two months! Yay!! I've really enjoyed my time here and I am so excited for another rewarding and kick butt week, but, honestly, I really miss home. I can't wait to walk in my front door and drop my bags there for a good amount of time. It's gonna feel really good to unpack and not have to repack for another 8 weeks!! July 7th is when my real summer begins and I can't wait. Get ready for two full months of early morning yoga and jogging, hours spent laying in the sun at the pool (p.s. I lost the small amount of tan I was so proud to have acquired while I was home...bummer), hanging out with all my friends, getting to spend time with my family :), and lots and lots of relaxing. Ahh, I can't wait!! But, I'm also not ready to leave this place yet. It's amazing how fast you can make such great friends. I'm so glad that, despite my only hanging out in my room all by myself, I've met so many amazing people who I've grown surprisingly close with. Looking forward to another great week with them!

If you've been reading, you already know all about the nightmare we all had on Monday and Tuesday. What a joy it was to be under constant pressure for a whole 48 hours. I don't recommend this to anyone. In fact, just avoid all stressful situations. You'll only end up with a face full of acne and an overwhelming urge to eat everything in sight. And I thought that dancers were supposed to lose weight at a summer intensive! I guess my judgements have gotten the better of me. Seriously, all I want to do at night is eat. And then I just end up laying in bed, watching youtube videos and stuffing my butt is not thanking me for it. haha! Anyway, the rest of the week sort of followed the same slope as the beginning of the week. Being the idiot that I am, I decided to ignore this little twinge in my ankle for about a week until Tuesday afternoon when I was literally limping and cringing every time I moved my ankle. I took a visit to the Physical Therapist in the building (He is a savior! and one of the nicest people ever). After lots of weird medical terms that I could hardly understand, I got the gist that one of the joints in my ankle was out of place and that all the tendons around it were getting aggravated. He quickly popped it back in place and sent me on my way. It sure helped the pain level but my tendons were still pretty pissed at me. So, very unfortunately, I had to sit out of class Tuesday afternoon and the whole day Wednesday. It's the worst feeling ever having to sit there while watching everyone else in the class get to do what you really want to do. All I gotta say is not dancing sucks. I don't know how normal people do it. I think I would just die. The entire time I was sitting there, I just couldn't help but want to stand up and start busting it out like everyone else. But, an injured dancer needs to learn when to stop ignoring the pain and take it easy.

Thursday and Friday I got to dance again (YAY!). We had class with a German man named Olaf. Sweetest little man on Earth! He was like one of those guys you just want to hug and call them grandpa. He is an amazing teacher. I loved being able to take a Vagonova class for the first time in a long time. It felt like home :) Everything just felt familiar. And he was so clever with his corrections but, at the same time, everything he said made sense. Funny how ballet makes sense sometimes :) We also learned a Balanchine variation in our next class. And let's just all agree that I will never be a Balanchine dancer. There is simply no way. I like my perfect positions and my reasonably paced choreography. I just don't do crazy fast combinations in which you are practically always off balance. Nope. Won't happen. Anyway, Mr. Sklute wanted to watch us all do this variation. Thankfully, I think he was too wrapped up in doing all the choreography from his chair at the front of the room to actually have watched me flail around the studio and epically fail at Balanchine choreography. I can be hopeful, right!? We had a jazz class, too, which was, to put it plainly, ridiculously entertaining. Being the bunhead that I am, I have difficulty doing a six step without looking like a total dweeb. But, it was just so fun to let loose and do some sexy choreography looking completely idiotic and awkward. I love our teacher. He's this tiny little man whose so so humble, but when he danced, my jaw literally hit the floor. Dang, that guy can put it out there. He put me to shame with his side leaps and body rolls and .. basically everything actually :) But I loved it anyway, all my terrible ballet infused jazz dancing and all.

The week ended on a pretty bad note, though. I was waiting patiently all week to hear about the outcome of this trainee thing. I was almost completely successful in putting it out of my mind all week. But, Friday came, and I couldn't help but think about it. I kept waiting for Peter Christie to walk in the room and tell us who got the trainee spots, but he never came. All that waiting for nothing... Now, I've heard that we get to hear about it on Tuesday. So, I'm back to waiting again. But, Tuesday will come before I know it, and then hopefully I'll have some good news to blog about. ..It's a good thing that I have this entire weekend to cheer myself up from that let down. And I'm definitely doing just that! But, more on that later :)

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