Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its March 1st???

Well, I looked up at my Audrey Hepburn calender this morning, first, staring into her beautiful face, trying to figure out how to one day become her, then noticing that it was indeed March 1st, which means it has been a month since my last posting. At this point, I proceeded to slap myself on the wrist, open up my laptop, and get to work.

It has been quite an eventful month. In fact, so much happened, there is simply no way of getting it all out there without boring everyone and myself to death. So, we will just stick to the logistics.

I officially hate school. . . ok I take that back, just because I know if I actually say that, a whole lot of people will come at me with knives and tell me to study my butt of for the last semester of high school. I didn't want to believe it when I was younger, but senioritis is a real disease. And, sadly, it has gotten the best of me. Yes, it's hard to believe. Kaitlan, the nerd who used to get up at 6 in the morning to complete her online school courses before ballet classes, has stooped to the level of the average senior who can't wait to finally graduate and be done with this nightmare. Sure, online school has been easy for me. Regular classes with bogus teachers and even more bogus assignments. Only having to take four classes a day, instead of seven. Taking breaks between classes and even doing a couple in the morning and a couple at night. To most, it would seem a breeze to complete senior year this way. But, one must take into account that I am also dancing from 9 to 6 everyday, and sometimes I just want to wake up at a normal hour, go to class, come home and collapse on my bed for the night. I have none such the luxury.. . .

I said in my last post that I would explain just exactly I do everyday, and before I start blogging about the present time, I feel it necessary to do so. So here goes:
8:00 am: Drag my butt out of bed, eat breakfast, and squeeze in some "homework", meaning I get on the internet and end up on facebook :)
8:45 am: Frantically get ready for company class
9:30 am: Take class with the company and try not to get in anyone's way, as this will anger them all and cause you to become the hated student who thinks she is good enough to take company class
11:00 am: Rehearse either with the company or with Mr. Han, my amazing, yet utterly frightening teacher who isn't afraid to tell you the truth, in any circumstance. Yes, that means "you suck today" comes out of his mouth on multiple occasions.
1:00 pm: Take my lunch break. Scarf down Greek yogurt, an apple, and whatever else I happen to find in my fridge. Then, try to get some more homework done, again, usually resulting in facebook stalking and pinterest
2:00 pm: Take my regular afternoon class with one of a few fantastic teachers, all of whom I adore
3:45 pm: Begin regular rehearsals, which usually drag because I am too hungry and too tired
6:00 pm: Run home, eat a much needed and deserved dinner. I have perfected the grilled cheese sandwich and the microwavable soup. I also pride myself in my banana smoothies and instant oatmeal :)
6:30 pm: Walk up the dreaded stairs to my room, where I must get to work on my school courses
11:00 pm: Complete and utter exhaustion take over me and I fall asleep soundly

Over and over and over again. . . .until my eyes pop out of my head and I demand a day off. haha not really. Anyway, I hope this has given you  a proper glance into a day in the life of an aspiring ballerina. It's not as easy as it looks, huh? As this is now dragging on and I must get to class, I will leave it at that. Now, we can go on to bigger and better things in the days to come.

Until then,
your devoted dancer to be


  1. woah what a day! about the senioritis, just keep thinking positive about finishing school and you'll work your way through it. It seems like you're in a great place, and I wish you the best!


  2. Thanks Rach :) Missing you so much!! I hope everything is going well for you!