Wednesday, May 23, 2012

6 DAYS!!


Did I hear that correctly?? 6 more days?? Are you sure? Because it still feels like it's the middle of March and I've got 2 months to go. Boy, does time fly fast. Now that I have less than one week left here in Washington, DC, it's really starting to hit me how much time I don't have and that sooner than I can fathom, I'll be flying back to Colorado and who knows when I'll be back here on the East Coast! I probably should have used my weekends more wisely and actually done a little more sight seeing. I probably should have made more time to spend with my friends here. Now, there is simply no time left! We've got a weekend full of shows to worry about and the rest of the week to focus on preparing for those shows. Plus, I'm about down to the wire with my school work, which means I literally have no free time. I can't wait til I finally step off of that airplane and I will be free!!. . .for 2 weeks at least :).
6. Once this year is over, one thing I will miss is my ballet teachers. When you spend at least 4 hours a day with the same people, you really learn to appreciate everything that they do. I love knowing how my day will go based on whose teaching class or whose in charge of rehearsal. What I've really enjoyed is that each of my teachers has a very different style of teaching and dancing. We've got the full spectrum at Washington Ballet! Russian, Balanchine, and everything in between. I'm really grateful for each of my teachers and what they've added to my education throughout the year. I want to thank them for pushing me everyday and for working with me on all my bad habits, and I've got plenty of those! I appreciate the extra rehearsals my school director spent with me in the mornings, working and struggling with me on my variations. Those may have been the hardest, yet most rewarding rehearsals I have ever been through. While most days I was frustrated and wanted to cry out of utter exhaustion and disappointment, it was amazing to finally get to hear your most intimidating teacher tell you that you've made him proud. That is really all you want to hear from your teachers. They have all given me something I can walk away from this experience with and I am so happy that I got to work with such caring and personable people this year. I know that they wished that I would have improved even more this year, but I can assure you that I will keep trying to better myself and my dancing. Hopefully, I can remember all of the things they said to me over and over again and keep working on them as I move away from this school. I will always cherish the good times, the hard times and the crazy times I had with my instructors. Thank you for the yelling and the screaming, for that is what has motivated me most, believe it or not! Hopefully our paths will cross sometime down the road.
One thing I have to do this summer is stay up for 24 hours and watch the sunset and sunrise all in the same day. I've always wanted to do this but for some reason, I chicken out at about 3 in the morning. It's not the staying awake that's a problem, it's the idea of not sleeping for an entire 24 hours and what kind of monster I will become from sleep deprivation. Believe me, you do not want to see me on less than 6 hours. It's quite a nightmare... But! This summer, the summer of doing everything I've never done, I will do it! And I'm actually going to make time to watch the sunset and sunrise. We always say we are going to do this, but when it actually comes to be 8:30 and the sun starts to set, we get too busy or too preoccupied to just sit down and appreciate it. It would be even better on a beach, but I can't have everything I wish for haha! When my family spent last Spring Break in Florida, we sat on the beach and watched the sunrise. It was one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen and I intend on watching Colorado's sunrise and sunset just to prove how spectacular Colorado is, even if it doesn't have any sandy beaches, or warm oceans... or body surfing.. or . palm trees... Alright, I should stop comparing Florida with Colorado. I might actually unconvince myself of Colorado's amazingness.

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