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I do believe that it is time for me to utter the somewhat predictable, yet completely necessary words: 7 MORE DAYS!!!! AHH!! Let the final week countdown begin, my friends. Yep, you heard it here first, folks. haha! I know this post is coming slightly later than usual. I mean, heck, we could technically say that today is over and there's only 6 more days, but for the sake of this blog and my goal to successfully blog every day until I go home, I just can't accept that idea. I just got home from a very long and very dreadful rehearsal in the theater. The first night on stage is always killer. For some weird reason, you get all discombobulated and everything you do either sucks or simply doesn't even happen. Basically, dancing is quite impossible. It's just a fact of tech rehearsals. It's such a big switch going from being in a enclosed space in a studio with mirrors and everything around you is white, to a stage with tall ceilings and the mirror becomes your audience and everything is black. But, we can only hope that I'll be used to it by Saturday for the real performances!! I'm utterly exhausted... I seriously thought I was going to collapse and die on the floor. Thank goodness for my comfy bed and peanut butter cookies :)

7. One thing about DC that I will surely miss: living so close to the ballet studios. This has been one of the greatest blessings of the entire year. It takes me exactly one minute to walk out my front door and into the front doors of the studio. When it was freezing and raining outside, I was the lucky girl who didn't even need to bring an umbrella with her when going to class. People probably thing I'm weird, but I have the benefit of coming to class everyday in my sweatpants and slippers because I can guarantee that I won't see anyone "important" when I make my way over to the ballet haha! Every night, I can see when the studio lights finally turn off and everyone gets to go home, and it's kinda comforting. I love that I can walk home if I forget a pair of shoes or if we have an hour break. Every Saturday, I go home for a quick lunch and after classes are over, I have the pleasure of coming straight home, instead of having to wait for your parents, who are always ALWAYS late (and, yes, I know when you're lying about being "just down the road" when you drive into the parking lot like 15 minutes later...mom. She thinks she's fooling everyone...). I love that sometimes, if I listen really close, I can hear the music coming from the studio and the pianist plunking away during the class. For my entire life, I've lived about 20 minutes away from my studio back home in Colorado. It was always a hassle getting there when there was bad weather, or my brother decided to "wait for traffic to clear" after school before leaving. And you knew that you'd have at least an hour taken out of your day because of the time it took driving back and forth to ballet, which only cut even further into your little precious homework time at 10 o clock at night. It is so nice knowing that I'll be home right at 6 when my daily rehearsals finally commence and I can, again, throw on my pajamas and settle into my nightly routine of watching all the Bachelorette episodes I've missed. I have truly loved living close to the ballet studio. I'm hoping it can be this way in the future!

And, now for the summer bucket list: Play messy Twister. I have just recently discovered this from my good old friend, Pinterest :). Basically, you put paint or different colored condiments over the circles of a Twister board and then play normally, if you can call a game of twister normal haha! I don't remember a game of twister that didn't get crazy or that didn't end in everyone dying on the floor, busting their guts laughing. But, it's way more awesome because everyone gets covered in paint and/ or food, and we all know everything is way more fun when there is a food fight or splatter paint involved. Which leads me to another thing I simply must do. You know that scene in Princess Diaries where they fill up all those balloons with paint, tape them to a wall and throw darts at them?? Yep. That is what I'm going to do this summer. Balloon paint wall art... or whatever other clever name you want to call it. That's the best one I could come up with. Now, all I need to do is purchase lots of paint, lots of balloons, and lots of darts and find myself an empty wall that no one would mind splatter painting on :) Wish me luck!! I sure hope this is going to be a messy and spectacular summer. I will settle for nothing less than this. It's going to be awesome!

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