Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Final Countdown!!

Well, my friends, I have mixed feelings about this next fact: I officially have 10 days left in Washington DC!! I can't believe how fast this year went. And I know it's so cliche to say that. Everyone always says that. It's actually quite annoying how often that phrase is used. But, you know what? It's so true!! It feels like I should still be that little 3 year old, strutting around the house in my pink ballerina leotard, painting my nails with the coolest big sister ever, Jessica, and baking chocolate chip cookies with my mom. But, I'm this 18 year old, all grown up, and living in DC, pursuing my life as a dancer. How did I even get here? Where did all the time go?? And I know that I still have a lot of growing up to do and my life is just beginning, but I hate to think that the next 18 years are going to be this fast! I just wish time would slow down a little so we could enjoy it before it's gone...

I cannot even tell you how excited I am to finally be going home!! But, at the same time, I don't want to leave! I've made so many incredible friends here. I've had so many great times with them and I've learned so much from my teachers and from just living in this awesome city. While there have been some hard times (aren't there always? haha), this has truly been an incredible year. I am so glad I decided to step off the beaten path, moved away from home and experienced the Washington School of Ballet and all of the people apart of it, even if I've missed out on some great opportunities back home... Sometimes, I regret not going to my best years of high school and being with my friends at home. It's hard logging on to facebook everyday and realizing how much you're missing out on. Everyone from my old high school graduated today and it's a terrible feeling knowing that you don't get to wear that cap and gown and walk across that stage with everyone you grew up with. But, I'm hoping, when all is said and done, this will all be worth it.

All I want to do now is make the most out of these last 10 days. We've got a lot of rehearsing to do, and every dancer knows that the week before Spring Show means late nights at the theater and lots and lots of caffeine :) wait, did I just say that? I meant lots and lots of fruits and veggies ;). Sorry if you happened to hear me wrong. But, despite the hectic schedule ahead of me, I have to make time to do everything I want to do before I hop on that plane and land back home again. Along with this, I want to take time to write one thing I love and will miss about DC, as well as one thing I want to accomplish this summer... beginning today!

10. This is a weird one, but I will miss public transportation. Now, most people would say, "What! Really? Taking the bus everywhere is terrible!" And, yes, sitting at the bus stop for 20 minutes only to step onto an overcrowded bus and having to sit next to the really hairy sweaty guy in the back is terrible. But, living in the suburbs my whole life, I haven't been able to simply hop on a bus and get anywhere I want to. I love that everything in the city is so close and I can walk to the grocery store, or take the metro to the National Mall, or hop on a bus to go shopping in Georgetown. I feel so independent and self reliant traveling from place to place with just the shoes on my feet and my bus pass in hand. Some of the best times I've had this year have been going out on a Saturday afternoon and taking a bus to the nearest mall or to a really good restaurant for a bite to eat or to the grocery store to buy supplies for my next baking adventure. I'm going to miss those times heading out to Georgetown by myself, only to walk the streets and do a little window shopping. I'm going to miss feeling like I can get anywhere on a dollar fifty. I'm going to miss sitting at the bus stop after a performance at the Kennedy center, watching the college students walk by. I had some great times. So, thank you bus system :)

One thing I desperately want to do this summer: build forts and watch movies all day in my pajamas :) I know, it's a little childish, but I can't seem to grasp the idea of being an adult yet, so this is what I am doing. There will be lots of couch cushions, disney movies and muddy buddies involved, so buckle up, my friends. Anyone is welcome to join, but if no one is cool enough to want to lay around watching movies and getting fat all day with me, then I will be flying solo :) and thoroughly enjoying myself!

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